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Clip-in human hair extension

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Clip-In Hair Extensions - the easiest solution!

Now YOU can have beautiful long hair without spending hundreds of pounds and hours in a hair salon. You may have fine hair and want to give it some fullness. You may be waiting for your hair to grow. Wait no longer. Our clip in hair extensions can give you the results you want in 10 MINUTES!!

Our Clip In hair extensions can be added to your hair in minutes by simply parting your hair, gently back combing the root area, and snapping the clips in place for a more secure hold. Clip In extensions can be added and removed whenever you desire.


The quick clip quide

1 - section h air

2 - snap clips into place

3 - repeat until completed

Clip-in hair extensions are instant, they can be fitted at home in minutes with no need of help from a hair stylist.


How to apply clip-in hair extensions

Here is the basic fitting method for wearing your clip in extensions in a casual everyday style. It takes about five to ten minuets to complete a full head fitting of clip on extensions.

Start by taking a section/parting in the lower nape of the neck. To prevent slipping on fine hair you can tease the hair root with a comb and some hair spray. Place the first '3 clip' extensions in hair and snap the clips closed. Then working your way up to section hair again and clip the next wider 3 clip extension just above t he first. Then apply your 4 weft/strip extensions and ensure you don't place these too high. This extension is layered a little more for an extra blended result.

The next sections are for the 2 clip and 1 clip wefts - they will fit on both sides of the head. If you wear a side parting in your hair you may want to clip two of the '1 clip' wefts on the heavier side of your parting.

There are other variations for wearing the hair extensions. Some don't wear the single 1 clip extensions at the top of the head, others wear just a few extensions at the nape. Everyone is unique and everyone will have their own way of wearing the clip in hair.

How to remove your hair extensions

Simply open the clip by gently pulling backwards until you hear the clip release. Then gently remove the section being careful not to pull your hair. It is suggested to move the placement of your sections slightly every couple of times of use. This will allow the clip to rest in a different area preventing too much stress on your hair.

Clip-in hair Extensions - Maintenance Guide

Do not use hairspray or sticky styling products with hold factor, a serum is all that is needed. Remove before sleeping. To prolong the life of your extensions we recommend you straighten after each use. A complete shampoo and treatment can be applied once every four weeks (only if needed). Apply shampoo and very gently stroke through the hair from root to tip keepin g hands open and flat, rinse and repeat with conditioner. The use of a shower head may be easier and keeping the top clip part of the extension dry is recommended. Avoid tangles and allow hair to drip dry naturally. Do not comb hair when wet. Drying may be an overnight process, once dry gently comb through the hair starting at the tips, apply a maintenance spray and straighten each strip individually. If you have any concerns please contact us for full support