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Clip-in human hair extension

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(Pasaż Hotelu Monopol)
ul. Dyrekcyjna 2
40-012 Katowice

Mobile: +48 662 110 600
e-mail: chichairextensions@gmail.com

Shade Chart

Lots of choice on choosing the shade of your new hair!

It is not very often that someone chooses the wrong shade hair extension.
Just in case - we promise to exchange your extensions for a perfect match.
There are a few ways to choose your shade...

In the shop - simply choose the nearest match on screen.

Fancy something different? Instead of matching the extensions to your own hair... try something different and match your own hair to the extensions. Choose a new shade that is different from your current hair - pop to your stylist with your new extension and ask for your hair to be matched...it is an easy and fab way to revive your current look.
Send a picture - Email a picture of your hair to the chichairextensions@gmail.com and we will tell you just what colour clip-in you need!
Send a sample - Email us and we will send you details on the correct way to take a hair sample to send to us.